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Tailor made

extensions that fit your luxe life.


Luxe Life certified.  Soft Life approved.

Ashley Lee, @TheCheveurier, curated TM by Cheveurier to bring you EASE.  Strongly believing that hair care should seamlessly blend into your lifestyle, this collection IS Tailor Made- created to match your texture and fit into your luxe life.



sourced by a
texture expert

With hair being hand picked by a licensed cosmetologist specializing in both texture & hair color, you can be sure that your extensions will give the best blend and remain the best quality through color services. 


owned by a black woman

for black women, provided by a black woman, your extensions  are  selected with you and your lifestyle in mind.

Tailor Made Excellence


your extensions have the ability to color beautifully without losing their luster, feel or integrity.  The way they lighten is gorgeous and the vibrance is made to last.

Exceptional quality- colorist approved

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