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Welcome to your hair care journey.  I'm so excited that you're trusting me with your hair and making a new commitment to yourself.  Hair Care & Health are my first steps in approaching hair- the luxe life is a plus.  In getting to know each client & being able to tailor their experience to their individual needs, it's important to properly consult and meet you where you're at.  The New Guest Experience is designed to create a fresh starting point on your hair care journey.  A deep cleanse, treatment, conditioning & hair cut are essential to setting you up for success and are all included in this introductory session.   Click the button below & select  "New Guest Experience" to begin your journey.  Still unsure?  That's okay.  Book a "Hair Chat" to get acquainted & learn more about your hair care options.

If you're looking to book a hair color session, book a "Hair Color Consultation"  in conjunction with your "New Guest Experience" or book alone to learn more (New Guest Experience will be bundled into your hair color session if one styling visit is preferred).

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