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Luxury... meet regimen.

Introducing SoBlo Elite

Elevate your hair care routine to unparalleled heights with our exclusive monthly membership. Indulge in two luxurious styling visits every month, choosing from the exquisite options of a Silk Press, Curl Defining Session, or a stunning Twist Out, all for just $225 – inclusive of gratuity.

But that's not all. As a SoBlo Elite member, bask in the opulence of:

  • 10% off retail products 

  • priority booking

  • a complimentary birthday blowout

  •  privileged access to 10% off extensions, additional services & education.

  • Immerse yourself in specialty salon days, exclusive events and discounts reserved solely for our esteemed members.

Not just a membership, SoBlo Elite is a commitment to self-care, a divine ritual for the empowered professional woman. Unused services gracefully roll over to the following month( to be used in the first week), ensuring your pampering is never compromised.

SoBlo Elite – luxury... meets routine and welcome self-care into your lifestyle. You deserve it.

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